27 Cakes Covered In Delicious Food

All you need to decorate your food is more food.

2. Conversation Hearts

Ali Ebright / Via

Crazy 4 Cake. Recipe here.

3. Ice Cream Cones

The ice cream is the cherry on top of the cake.

4. Trix cereal

Silly Rabbit. Trix are for cakes. Get the recipe.

5. Marzipan Balls

Molly Yeh / Via

More photos here.

6. Cherries

The cherries are the cherry on top of the cake. Get the recipe.


NSFWW (Not Safe For Weight Watchers). Get the recipe.

12. Puppy Chow

Also known as White Trash, Muddy Buddys, the actual best thing ever, etc. Get the recipe.

13. Kit-Kat Bars

And M&M&M&M&M&M&M&M&Ms. Get the recipe.

14. Caramel Popcorn

Izy Hossack / Via

Get the recipe.

15. The Tiniest Marshmallows Ever

Get the recipe.

16. Letters Made From Gum

Created by Signe Sugar and available again soon here.

17. Cake Balls

Ashleigh Jayne / Via

18. Ferro Rochers

Recipe here.

20. Pretzels

Melissa Becker / Cacao Sweets & Treats / Via

Chocolate Peanut Butter cake recipe here.

21. Almonds

Talk about Almond Joy. Get the recipe.

23. Swiss Rolls

Hardcore Cake on Cake Action

24. Caramel Apples.

Recipe here.

26. Salmon, Eggs, Parsley, Radishes and Shrimp


Even brunch deserves a cake. Get the recipe for this Smorgastarta here.

27. Or, just put everything you have on it.

It’s called a Dumpster Cake and SNL darling Aidy Bryant shows you how to make one here.

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