27 Cakes Covered In Delicious Food

All you need to decorate your food is more food.

1. Gummy Bears

Recipe here.

ID: 2507772

2. Conversation Hearts

Ali Ebright / Via

Crazy 4 Cake. Recipe here.

ID: 2507807

3. Ice Cream Cones

The ice cream is the cherry on top of the cake.

ID: 2507906

4. Trix cereal

Silly Rabbit. Trix are for cakes. Get the recipe.

ID: 2507787

5. Marzipan Balls

Molly Yeh / Via

More photos here.

ID: 2507764

6. Cherries

The cherries are the cherry on top of the cake. Get the recipe.

ID: 2529243

7. Candy Buttons

ID: 2507819

8. Rock Candy

Cake created by Sweet and Saucy Shop.

ID: 2507876


NSFWW (Not Safe For Weight Watchers). Get the recipe.

ID: 2507908

11. Pomegranates

ID: 2507951

12. Puppy Chow

Also known as White Trash, Muddy Buddys, the actual best thing ever, etc. Get the recipe.

ID: 2507934

13. Kit-Kat Bars

And M&M&M&M&M&M&M&M&Ms. Get the recipe.

ID: 2507913

14. Caramel Popcorn

Izy Hossack / Via

Get the recipe.

ID: 2507929

15. The Tiniest Marshmallows Ever

Get the recipe.

ID: 2507945

16. Letters Made From Gum

Created by Signe Sugar and available again soon here.

ID: 2507947

17. Cake Balls

Ashleigh Jayne / Via
ID: 2507959

18. Ferro Rochers

Recipe here.

ID: 2528470

19. Pocky

Heather Baird / Via

Get the recipe.

ID: 2528506

20. Pretzels

Melissa Becker / Cacao Sweets & Treats / Via

Chocolate Peanut Butter cake recipe here.

ID: 2528525

21. Almonds

Talk about Almond Joy. Get the recipe.

ID: 2528534

22. Coconut Flakes

ID: 2528551

23. Swiss Rolls

Hardcore Cake on Cake Action

ID: 2529080

24. Caramel Apples.

Recipe here.

ID: 2529096

26. Salmon, Eggs, Parsley, Radishes and Shrimp


Even brunch deserves a cake. Get the recipe for this Smorgastarta here.

ID: 2591382

27. Or, just put everything you have on it.

It’s called a Dumpster Cake and SNL darling Aidy Bryant shows you how to make one here.

ID: 2559111

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