42 Amazingly Fun And Useful Things You Print For Free

Dust off that printer. Let’s take it for a ride.

1. A Globe

Get it here.

ID: 2702114

2. Popcorn Boxes

Template here.

ID: 2701905

3. A Pinhole Camera

Instructions and PDF here.

ID: 2701776

4. Graph Paper

Print your own here and here. Then get to class!

ID: 2701526

5. Cards Against Humanity

The game is in the public domain so you can print it for free right from its website.

Pro Tip: You can get these printed on card stock at Staples or Kinko’s for around $6.

ID: 2701929

6. A Protractor

Throwback to geometry! Print your own here.

ID: 2701624

7. A Customized Wallet

Get it here.

ID: 2701752

8. Dice

You can print number, dot, and even 12-sided die here. Or customize your own die here.

ID: 2701680

9. These Adorable Matchbook Office Supply Covers

Get them here.

ID: 2701943

10. Playing Cards

Get them here.

ID: 2701694

11. Music Staff Paper

Get the PDF here.

ID: 2701605

12. Placesettings


For when you want to be fAnCy. Get it here.

ID: 2701801

13. Rulers

Print your own here.

ID: 2701862

14. Toy Roads


Get them here.

ID: 2702145

15. Tiny Adorable Gift Boxes

Template here.

ID: 2701869

16. Stencils


Get them here.

ID: 2701459

17. Pie Boxes

Get the instructions here.

ID: 2701892

18. Wrapping Paper

Get this print here.

ID: 2701951

19. Moving Box Labels

Get this template here.

ID: 2701953

20. A Cooks Helper Conversion Chart

Never forget: 2 pints = 1 quart. Get the printable here.

ID: 2701971

21. Thank You Cards

Get them here.

ID: 2701976

22. Calendars

So many pretty designs, printable here.

ID: 2701983

23. A Goal Chart

First goal: Print this chart. Get it here.

ID: 2701993

24. Quilting Patterns

Get the template here.

ID: 2702004

25. Custom CD Cases

Take your mixes to the next level. Make one here.

ID: 2702025

26. A Paper Browser Wireframe

Plan your web designs IRL. Get them here.

ID: 2702009

27. Seed Savers

Get them here.

ID: 2702081

28. House-shaped Luminaries

Get the template here.

ID: 2702043

29. Paper Airplane Templates


Get them here.

ID: 2702057

30. A Family Planner

Get it here.

ID: 2702073

31. Toy Fruit

Instructions here.

ID: 2702089

32. Dresser Drawer Labels

The cure for the boring dresser. Get them here.

ID: 2702101

33. Safari Gift Labels

Get them here.

ID: 2702110

34. 3D Wall Letters

Get them here.

ID: 2702415

35. Gift Bows


Available here.

ID: 2702212

36. Banner Letters


Print the whole alphabet here and here.

ID: 2702281

37. Vintage Flash Cards


Available here.

ID: 2702177

38. A Wreath

Get the instructions here.

ID: 2702201

39. Decorative Note Sheets

Get them here.

ID: 2702263

40. Storyboard Templates

Get them here.

ID: 2702274

41. Monopoly Money

Pad your bank account with extra cash. Get it here.

ID: 2702369

42. My Little Pony Coloring Sheets

For that special Brony in your life. Print it here.

ID: 2702366

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