What It’s Like Being The One Person At College Who Doesn’t Drink


1. So, you go to college.

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2. And for whatever reason, you’re not really into the partying scene.

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3. So while all your friends are like:

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4. You’re just like:

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5. Everyone assumes your weekends are super boring:

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6. They assume this is you, every Thursday night:

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7. And sometimes you do just feel like staying in.

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8. But obviously, you do go out sometimes! You still go dancing, even though you feel a little awkward.

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9. And you still go to parties:

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10. Believe it or not, you can even go to a game sober and still enjoy yourself.

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11. And of course, most of your friends are thrilled to let you be the designated driver for the night.

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12. But, not everyone gets it. People are like, “Hey, aren’t you THIRSTY? Have a drink!”

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13. “It’s just beer!”

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14. “How can you NOT DRINK???”

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15. The worst part is that everyone assumes you’re basically a fifth grade D.A.R.E. instructor thumbing your nose at them.

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16. Everyone thinks you judge THEM for drinking.

ID: 1170657

17. But you honestly don’t care what other people do. Really, you don’t. You’ve just made your personal choice.

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18. You still date.

ID: 1171800

19. You still have a good time.

ID: 1171816

20. You just have way less of these moments:

ID: 1171846

21. So the next morning, when your friends are pretty much DOA in Hangoverville:

ID: 1170841

22. You’re like:

ID: 1170901

23. Yeah, sometimes you wish you could trade your Diet Coke for something a little stronger.

ID: 1171176

24. And maybe you’ll decide to drink someday.

ID: 1171348

25. But for now, you’re happy with who you are.

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