What It’s Like Being A Twin

“Hey, why aren’t you guys dressed the same?”

1. Being a twin makes growing up a really unique experience.

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2. Sometimes people think of you as a unit.

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3. You get used to answering the same questions: “If I pinch you, does your twin feel it?”

Uh. No.

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4. “What’s it like to be a twin?”

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I’ve never known anything different!

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5. “Which one of you is older?”

Does it matter?

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6. “Do you have a secret twin language that you talk to each other in?”

Not really? Sometimes we pretended to have one though.

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7. “So you have the same birthday and everything?”

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8. “Why aren’t you guys dressed the same?”

Because we’re over the age of 4!

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9. “Whoa, what if you guys, like, married another set of twins?”

I guess that’d be cool.

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10. “Which of you is the funny one and which is the serious one?”


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11. But having a twin had its upsides. It was great to always have a friend to play with.

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12. And you always had someone else’s closet to raid!

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13. If you were identical, you could switch places and fool your teachers.

I guess. Did anyone ever actually do that?

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14. Even though you probably fought A LOT.

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16. A lot.

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17. But as you get older, you realize that having a twin is a total blessing.

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18. Someone’s ALWAYS got your back.

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19. You have a birthday buddy for life.

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20. They understand what it was like growing up in your crazy family.

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21. And you can talk to them about ANYTHING.

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22. Plus, you’re in good company! Guess who else is a twin:

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25. And the best part is, no matter how far away you might be from your twin… they’re always with you in your heart.

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