Here’s Proof That It Will All Be OK

Just take a deeeeeep breath.

1. Sometimes life can get a little… tricky.

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2. And you start to feel a little stuck.

ID: 915102

3. Or just kinda flat.

ID: 915148

4. But you know, even the cutest of us have it rough sometimes.

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5. So when you start to feel like you’ll never get out of this…

ID: 915321

6. Just remember, this manatee has your back.

(via Calming Manatee)

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7. You live in a world where THIS is a food.

ID: 891901

8. And this!

ID: 915246

9. No matter what, you’ll always have those nights where you get to fall asleep to the rain.

ID: 892268

10. And the world may be crazy sometimes, but Olive Garden still gives you Andes Mints at the end of your meal.

ID: 891850

11. Bulldog puppies are still really really adorable.

ID: 891944

12. See?

ID: 915337

13. Told you!

ID: 915342

14. Plus, you have at least one friend that’s totally pulling for you.

ID: 892005

15. No matter how bad it gets, there’s still the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

ID: 891980

16. A lot of things change, but even though you might not watch it, “Wheel of Fortune” is still on TV.

ID: 891990

17. It’s the little things, like a rainy weekend morning where you get to stay in bed.

ID: 892238

18. Or a lovely summer night.

ID: 892245

19. Some things are just out of your control. And that’s OK!

ID: 892041

20. But everyone’s rooting for you!

ID: 892090

21. You TOTALLY got this.

ID: 892097

22. This otter can’t wait to see you shine.

ID: 892131

23. Peanut butter still goes really well with jelly.

ID: 892283

24. And no matter what, putting clean sheets on your bed will still feel amazing.

ID: 892293

25. So try to focus on the really really good things.

ID: 892262

26. Life still goes on.

ID: 892436

27. Remember, you’re not alone!

ID: 892307

28. You’re definitely not alone.

ID: 915420

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