Every Day On The Internet


1. Wake up and check your phone. All you have is one spam tweet reply:

ID: 946339

2. Check Instagram. That one friend posted 2000 photos of the same concert last night:

ID: 946353

3. Facebook reminds you your ex got engaged with a big pink heart in the top right:

ID: 946358

4. Go underground on the subway before that Spotify song finished syncing:

ID: 946698

5. Get to work. Gchat with your friends all day:

ID: 946825

6. INBOX: “Your bank statement is now ready”:

ID: 946370

7. Your aunt posted on your Facebook wall:

ID: 946387

8. And someone just found out about a really old meme, and thinks it’s OMG LOL HILARIOUSSS!!!!!

ID: 946441

9. An article going around is sexist, racist, homophobic or just plain WRONG:

ID: 947159

10. Send a bunch of Twitter replies back and forth to the same person:

ID: 947198

11. Someone reblogged something you wrote on Tumblr:

ID: 946478

12. A friend sends you a new video of baby polar bears:

ID: 947013

13. But then you accidentally read some of the YouTube comments:

ID: 946483

14. Someone on work email replies all accidentally:

ID: 946524

15. Wait, wait. A celebrity @-replied you! RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET

ID: 946958

16. One of your friends is having a party but BCCed the invite, so you have no idea who else is going:

ID: 946784

17. Gchat everyone about how you’re so excited to leave work for the day.

ID: 947403

18. Goodbye work computer, hello home computer!

ID: 946580

19. Weird ads about “63-year old mom in [YOUR CITY] looks 23!” with a creepy picture designed to make you look at it:

ID: 946549

20. End a conversation on a Facebook thread by “liking” the other person’s comment:

ID: 947219

21. That person you like is on Gchat and YOU’RE on Gchat and they can clearly see your green dot, so why aren’t they IMing you???

ID: 946612

22. Another new Facebook notification, and it’s your high school bio classmate inviting you to a random game:

ID: 946599

23. Look at cool stuff on Pinterest that you would never ever be able to make or do in real life.

ID: 947386

24. Put a bunch of stuff in an Amazon cart but never check out:

ID: 946822

25. Search your sore throat on WebMD and call your mom in a panic spiral.

ID: 947092

26. Still no very important Gchats:

ID: 946786

27. Instagram stalk someone and get really nervous about accidentally “hearting” one of their old photos.

ID: 947241

28. Pass out to an episode of the West Wing:

ID: 946737

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