Can You Make It Through This Post Without Giggling?



1. You have to read the whole post.
2. You must not giggle, not even once, because you are an adult.
3. You cannot smirk at all, because you are a grown human person with a not-at-all sophomoric sense of humor.
4. No laughing! You are not 12!
5. Ready? Let’s go!

2. OK! Let’s start with some run-of-the-mill business signs.

5. This looks like a good place to shop.

7. Just another helpful sign.

9. Totally not funny.

12. Whew, you made it! Let’s move on. Nature can be so breathtaking. This is just a normal icicle, right?

13. Just your garden-variety pine tree.

15. Let’s pause for a pep talk! You’re going to win, right? Because whoever did this is SO immature.

16. You know what else is inspiring? Church signs.

21. Hmm, what else is wholesome? Everyone loves crafts!

24. Surely the news is always a downer.

30. Whew, enough of that. Time for a snack break!

33. And we’re back! These odometers sure are good at keeping track of miles.

35. Street sign photos: Nothing to see here.

38. LIGHTNING ROUND: You’re almost there! Just look at these pictures WITHOUT giggling.

40. Totally not funny.

41. Yeah, you definitely got this.

44. You’re sooooo close.

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