Can You Make It Through These Photos Without Smashing Your Computer?

Surely you can look at this post without AKL!FDSA;HS;UGGGGH.

1. Welcome to this post! Thank you for accepting this important challenge. We were looking for someone special, and I guess…

ID: 1513513

2. Things might get a little difficult, but remember:

ID: 1513520

3. It’s important to always follow the rules, so make sure you read all the way to the end of this post, OK?

ID: 1513504

4. Ready? Here we go. First, here’s a really cool sign!

ID: 1513171

5. While you’re at it, check out this apostrophe.

ID: 1512972

6. What about this? Anything wrong about this?

ID: 1512999

7. You should really never underestimate the power of advertising.

ID: 1513437

8. Accommodating the customer is also a big plus.

ID: 1513483

9. It’s important to always keep an eye on the weather forecast.

ID: 1513343

10. …and to always protect the environment.

ID: 1513426

11. This person DOES make a good point.

ID: 1513164

12. And to anyone who disagrees:

ID: 1513355

13. I know you might be feeling a little frustrated by now, but don’t let any rage overtake you.

ID: 1513607

14. It just looks like some people need to brush up on their linguistic skills. Maybe there’s a class they can take?

ID: 1513157

15. Certainly there’s nothing amiss with this inspirational saying.

ID: 1513051

16. …and this is talking about one strawberry owning an area code, right?

ID: 1513229

17. Does this bother you?

ID: 1513127

18. Do you feel a little… anxious?

ID: 1513134

19. You could probably use a realllllly good snack.

ID: 1513493

20. Or maybe you’re just feeling rather smug.

ID: 1513079

21. Wow, you must be quite stressed at this point. Maybe you just need to relax for a bit.

ID: 1513447

22. But just hang in there!

ID: 1513466

23. Here we go again. Did you hear about your TV? It is home.

ID: 1513196

24. And who knows? It could be a total bargain.

ID: 1513708

25. It might look really great in a dorm room.

ID: 1513721

26. I know you feel enraged by now, but don’t worry about THIS one, because this hotel totally has only one guest.

ID: 1513234

27. No? Well, that’s just TO BAD.

ID: 1513249

28. Good new’s: soon, you’ll be done reading this post.

ID: 1513256

29. All you can really do is hope that these people fix their mistakes.

ID: 1513261

30. Make sure you confess your OWN sins.

ID: 1513282

31. Keep a generous spirit…

ID: 1513307

32. And always be thankful!

ID: 1513326

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