35 Things Most New Yorkers Do

“Ugh, I hate the High Line.”

1. Bitch about Time Warner.

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2. Talk about how disgusting the Hudson is.

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3. Ask people at parties how much their rent is.

(And someone always has a story about their friend with rent control who’s paying $500 for a West Village studio.)

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4. Complain about brunch incessantly, but then still go to brunch.

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5. Have unabashed crushes on Pat Kiernan.

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6. Look up real estate in your hometown, and get bummed when you realize you could buy a castle with a moat for what you pay in rent here.

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7. Curse a lot.

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8. Pretend like crazy stuff isn’t happening while it’s happening.

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9. Get irrationally angry every time it rains.

And tweet about it.

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10. Eat at food trucks, mostly because they’re everywhere.

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11. Avoid eye contact at all costs.

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12. Talk about how you can’t wait for winter during the summer…

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13. …and then how you wish it were summer in the winter.

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14. Stop and look at real estate ads in windows.

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15. Go to after-work happy hour on an empty stomach, then wolf three slices of pizza at 9:30 p.m.

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16. Wear earbuds everywhere.

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17. Secretly fear that this guy is going to kick you in the face.

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18. Take creepshots of people on the subway.

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19. Gawk at the cheap food/alcohol prices when you’re traveling out of state.

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20. Make fun of Williamsburg, especially if you live in Williamsburg.

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21. Make fun of NYU, ESPECIALLY if you went to NYU.

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22. Eat bagels as drunk food.

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23. Get into fights about whether the High Line is overrated.

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24. Live in constant and paralyzing fear of bedbugs.

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25. Gripe about the G train.

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26. Curse the lack of central AC in your apartment building.

And fear that one of those dripping units will fall on top of you one day.

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27. Ignore every flyer or free newspaper that’s waved in your face.

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28. Look up at night to see what color the Empire State Building is.

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29. Tan in Central Park during the summer.

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30. Ignore the clipboard people.

(Even if you feel guilty.)

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31. Occasionally take an expensive cab ride home.

Because when you need a cab, you just NEED A CAB.

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32. Get mad at movie sets for blocking your way to work/home.

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33. Burn out on street fairs, because it’s all the same $5 pashminas and roasted corn.

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34. Instagram every rooftop view.

Arielle Calderon
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35. Ride over a bridge on the subway or in a cab, look at the skyline, and remember why you live here in the first place.

Because that view never really gets old.

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