31 Tips For Achieving The Perfect Duckface

With this guide, you’ll be duckface-ing like a pro in no time flat.

1. Duckface can be a challenging pose, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be on your way in no time.

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2. First, before you start, accessorize. You can amp up the wow with some fun face paint.

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3. Try a funky fedora for just the right amount of sass.

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4. Don’t overlook ANY accessories.

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5. Maybe try a fun sparkly headband.

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6. You can never go wrong with a headband.

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7. As far as makeup goes, don’t hesitate to accentuate your pout with some shimmery lipstick.

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8. Some vivid eyeshadow will draw the eye up for a fun pop of color.

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9. Pump up your hair volume as much as possible for a truly sizzling visual effect.

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10. And bring on that bronzer! You’ll look your prettiest with a warm summer glow.

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11. The perfect duckface requires perfectly arched eyebrows.

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12. Fashion: The most popular duck face-accompanying apparel is arguably the bikini.

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13. But bold patterns will also bring out the sheer fierceness of your duck face.

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14. Gents, you can add a fun graphic tee.

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15. Or just lose the clothes entirely.

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16. Duck face is even more fun with a friend!

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17. Friends who duckface together, stay together.

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18. You can even duck face with that special someone.

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19. Ready? It’s picture time! Remember to suck in your cheeks for the sexiest pout.

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20. Don’t be shy; werq it!

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21. You can try a fun facial expression.

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22. Or keep it totally chill.

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23. But probably the most important way to highlight your duck face is to throw up a peace sign.

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24. What kind of idiot wouldn’t add the peace sign?

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25. DO NOT forget the peace sign.

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26. It would be SO embarrassing if you forgot the peace sign.

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27. Finally, props are a great touch. Don’t be afraid to add products!

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28. Or your favorite meal.

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29. Or your hot sports car.

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30. Just grab whatever. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

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31. Life’s too short: duckface like no one’s watching!

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