27 Things Media People Like

Smart take.

1. Complaining about how they hate listening to the sound of their own voices when transcribing.

2. Waiting in long lines for chopped salad in their local metropolitan areas.

3. Smart takes.

4. Acting like going on TV is a huge hassle.

6. Saying they hate Twitter and want to quit it but never actually quitting it.

8. Being “funny” in headlines.

9. Going to book parties for free booze.

10. Saying “I read you all the time” to someone, having never read anything.

11. Subtweets.

Some PR people being useless or otherwise irritating today. Some days are just like that I guess.

— FishbowlDC (@FishbowlDC)

12. Calling people out on their subtweets.

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13. Getting free pizza in the newsroom on election night.

14. Tweeting airport code —> airport code.

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15. Storifying conversations they have among themselves.

17. Correcting people’s grammar.

18. Anecdotal ledes.

19. Spelling it “hed,” “dek,” and “lede” in part just to feel cool.

20. Taking sources out to lunch just to expense it.

21. Congratulating people on their new jobs on Twitter.

Congrats to [journalist friend] on [his/her] new job at [respectable media organization]!

— daveweigel (@daveweigel)

22. Talking about needing coffee.

23. Bringing laptops to meetings.

24. Taking Instagrams of the TV studio set.

25. Making fun of The Newsroom.

26. Secretly being obsessed with their Klout scores.

(To the point that they’ll publish screencaps of theirs in blog posts.)

27. Arguing about whether New York or D.C. sucks more.


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