27 Sure Signs You Were In The I.B. Program

Someone to you: “Is that like AP classes?” You: *murderous rage*

1. You took soooo many tests. You PAID to take tests. Tests, tests, tests.

IB exams and mock IB exams, PLUS your PSAT, SAT, SAT II’s, ACT, *and* AP tests.

ID: 1785706

2. When someone asked if IB was “like AP classes?”, you were like:


ID: 1786121

3. You attempted to do your extended essay on Dr. Seuss.

ID: 1785421

4. Your high school classmates got wasted at parties; you had discussions about philosophy.

ID: 1785414

5. Seven classes every semester. SEVEN CLASSES.

ID: 1785843

6. Your Jansport averaged 58 lbs, 6 oz.

ID: 1785462

7. Procrastination was your lifestyle choice.

ID: 1786189

8. This was your prom date.

ID: 1785795

9. When your non-IB friends complained about how much homework they had, you were just like:

ID: 1785995

10. You had a shirt that said:

ID: 1786087

11. You write a two page response to a one sentence question.

ID: 1785886

12. You realized Theory of Knowledge was kind of BS, but you loved it anyway.

ID: 1785572

13. 5 hours of sleep seemed like an amazing night of luxury.

ID: 1785607

14. You took your native language HL, because you knew what’s up.

English HL FTW.

ID: 1785699

15. The “IB curve” was a true miracle sent from the heavens.

ID: 1785965

16. “Does this count for CAS hours?” was your classmates’ most popular FAQ.

For shame!! Although you, uh, asked too.

ID: 1785742

17. You tied your tests together with string ties instead of staples.

ID: 1785923

18. You couldn’t watch a movie without finding all the motifs and themes.

ID: 1785758

19. You started to suspect the IB dropouts were actually smarter than you.

ID: 1785821

20. Having to cut down the number of words in an essay was your greatest fear.

ID: 1785782

21. Everyone at your school “didn’t like coffee,” and you were just like:

Because you wrote your best extended essay paragraphs at 3 a.m.

ID: 1785857

22. Math HL: a surefire way to not get your diploma.

ID: 1786107

23. You dreaded your orals more than death.

ID: 1785947

24. You accidentally start typing emails in Latin.

ID: 1785873

25. Pi Day was practically a religious holiday at your school.

And everyone could count it out to 58 digits.

ID: 1785904

26. When your teacher in one of your SLs called on you:

ID: 1785914

27. But, you started college as an almost-junior because of all your course credit.


ID: 1785484

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