27 People Who Know What Valentine’s Day Is Really About

Er, weed. posted on


This is actually kind of sad cause i have no weed, & maryjane was supposed to be my valentine :(


All of this money spent on Valentine's Day presents when you could've bought the greatest gift of all.. Weed.


Fuck all this nonsense, I want a big bag of weed and a stripper with morality issues for Valentine's Day.


If someone surprised me on Valentine's Day with a huge beer and weed, I'd date you so hard.


What girlfriend you know gives her boyfriend a quarter of weed for Valentine's Day?! (;


going to ask my mom for money to buy my valentine a gift, I'm my own valentine and weed is my gift


I don't have a valentine, but I think I'll be okay with just smoking a lot of pot on valentines day.


My Valentine's Day breakfast consist of weed #yummy" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23yummy">#yummy


Valentine’s Day isn’t about having a mate or receiving gifts. It isn’t about kissing or hugging. It’s about weed.

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