25 Incredibly Perfect Uses Of The Moon Emoji

Current emotion: MOON.

1. Ultra-relatable moments:

ID: 2802259

2. Basking in the glow of childhood nostalgia:

ID: 2802189

3. Expressing social awkwardness:

ID: 2802234

4. Adding ambience to boring award show performances:

ID: 2802253

5. Snapchatting your bae:

ID: 2802197

6. Creepin’ around with your pals:

when you're with ur friend and a hot person walks in

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2801922

7. Reinvigorating Disney classics:

ID: 2802030

8. Showing your patriotism:

Tell me I'm your national anthem

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802285

9. Face morphs with celebrities:

ID: 2802058

10. As an accessory for gorgeous photography:

ID: 2802178

the moon looks perfect tonight

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2802206

11. Being a baller:

if u ain't talking money i don't wanna talk

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2802191

12. Any kind of text situation:

ID: 2802201

13. Feeling rejected:

when someone reads your text message and doesn't reply

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2802202

14. Flirting to the max:

guess who likes u

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2802207

kiss me hard before you go

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802229

15. In general being a creeper:

Can we jut take a moment while I recover from the black moon emoji.

— abski☽ (@Hyst3riaa)
ID: 2802218

16. Fun with Photoshop:

ID: 2802220

17. Making jokes:

pls don't eat me @BarackObama

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802228

18. Being Beyoncé:


— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802230

19. Getting your very special caffeine fix:

the only coffee i drink

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802241

20. Pretending you’re a fairy nymph:

kiss me hard before you go

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802245

21. Scoping on some hotties:

when u see someone with a nice booty

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2803622

22. Being mysterious:

i like being mysterious

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802248

23. Avoiding intimacy:

"Babe if you love me, look me straight in the eyes" me:

— Moon Emoji (@MoonEmojii)
ID: 2802255

24. Hitting hard in love:

ID: 2802257

25. Communicating every emotion:

recently used emojis

— Moon (@moontbh)
ID: 2802204

Start expressing all of your intricate emotional nuances with the moon emoji today!!

ID: 2803697

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