19 Totally Amusing Christmas Decorations

If you take the holidays very seriously, you will hate these people.

1. This hospital’s ad hoc tree:

ID: 2148533

2. This Star Wars nativity scene.

Hoth-y holidays!

ID: 2148441

3. This ornament that never hit so hard in love:

ID: 2148605

4. This roof that sums up how lots of us feel at this time of year:

ID: 2148442

5. This crazy Christmas tree installation.

ID: 2148683

6. This amazing way to be lazy with your lights:

ID: 2148444

7. This:

ID: 2148476

8. The keg tree:

ID: 2148484

9. This family’s brilliant strategy:

ID: 2148425

10. This creative display in an OB/GYN office.

ID: 2148602

11. This cute way to compliment your neighbor’s hard work:

ID: 2148482

12. This decoration embraced by holiday procrastinators everywhere:

ID: 2148536

13. This stupefyingly giant Christmas tree.

ID: 2148518

14. This Santa convention.

ID: 2148521

15. This “Elf on a Shelf” strip club.

ID: 2148665

16. This peeing Santa.

ID: 2148525

17. This ersatz tree.

ID: 2148623

18. This Scrooge-y sign we all secretly want to hang up in our yards:

ID: 2148543

19. This very Hobbesian holiday display.

ID: 2148547

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