18 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The Gym

Welcome to the gym. Population: not you.

1. This guy working out in skinny jeans.

ID: 951866

2. These guys.

ID: 951875

3. People who talk on the phone the whole time.

“Hey! *pant* What’s *pant* up? *pant*?

ID: 951864

4. This girl eating an ice cream cone on the bike.

Actually, maybe she’s smarter than all of us.

ID: 951865

5. This lady.

ID: 1026420

6. Anyone who works out in heels.

ID: 1026425

7. This guy.

ID: 1026428

8. This guy.

ID: 1026459

9. People who use Photoshop to show off.

ID: 1026454

10. People who smell really, REALLY bad.

ID: 1026604

11. Whoever designed this.

ID: 1026493

12. This guy.

ID: 1026505

13. This guy.

ID: 1026513

14. This baby.

ID: 1026531

15. People who take gym selfies.

ID: 1026546

16. Whoever is committing this treacherous act of sabotage.

ID: 1026549

17. Anyone who takes an escalator.

ID: 1026559

18. This guy.

ID: 1026565

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