17 Ways The Dog From “Oliver & Company” Is Cooler Than You

Ugh, I quit.

1. Just look at this. This is the face of utter coolness.

ID: 1167913

2. He’s amazing with the ladies. Are you this smooth with YOUR crush?

ID: 1167994

3. You have never led a choreographed parade down Fifth Avenue:

ID: 1167998

4. You have never strutted across the street in “deal with it” shades and a cool sausage necklace.

ID: 1168012

5. Ugh, you WISH you could do this to escape awkward situations:

ID: 1168044

6. You would be super dead if you did this:

ID: 1168078

7. You don’t possibly walk with this much swag:

ID: 1168096

8. Is this what you look like checking out a hottie from the roof of a taxi? Didn’t think so.

ID: 1168120

9. You can’t even roll out of bed the right way:

ID: 1168326

10. You can’t even play chopsticks, and this dog is swinging above Manhattan playing a piano with his GODDAMN TAIL:

ID: 1168364

11. You use a blow dryer, and Dodger uses NEW YORK CITY:

ID: 1168411

12. Nope, this is you.

ID: 1168446

13. You:

ID: 1168614

14. This is not you.

ID: 1168501

15. You are definitely not this.

ID: 1168517

16. Nope, this isn’t you either.

ID: 1168584

17. BRB, giving up.

ID: 1168607

18. Full proof:

ID: 1170418

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