13 People Who Need To MOVE

Excuse me, could you please not stand there? Thanks.

1. Pole leaners.

ID: 995351

2. People who get in the left lane and then just chill out.

ID: 995322

3. Tourists, anywhere.

ID: 995369

4. People who stop at the top of the subway stairs to check their phones.

ID: 995410

5. Drivers who tailgate you with their brights on.

ID: 996006

6. People who stand in front of the elevator doors and refuse to budge.

ID: 995461

7. Slow walkers.

ID: 995428

8. Lane straddlers.

ID: 995478

9. People who sit like this on the subway or bus.

ID: 995488

10. People who move at a snail’s pace because they’re staring at their phones.

ID: 995972

11. People who slowly drag huge luggage behind them on crowded streets.

ID: 995584

12. Drivers who get in the center turn lane and drive, like, half a mile.

ID: 995730

13. People who stand in the middle of the sidewalk to have a conversation.

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