13 Awkward Situations That Will Give Anyone Anxiety


1. Having to go around the room and say a fun fact about yourself. (And the moments spent waiting for your turn.)

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2. Someone tells you something that you already know because you Facebook stalked them, and you have to pretend it’s the first you’ve heard of it.

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3. Having to poop in a crowded restroom.

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4. AND people you know saw you go into the stall and will know it’s you.

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5. Saying “hi” to someone as they pass but it comes out a whisper and they don’t hear you.

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6. When you’re the last person to get passed the sign-up sheet in class and you have no idea what to do with it after you sign it.

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7. Starting to say something in a conversation and then getting interrupted — twice.

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8. Going to a party by yourself and having to hover near some other people talking and then conversation-bomb them because you have no one to talk to.

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9. Being seated at the quiet end of the table at a dinner party and struggling to think of questions to ask the two people next to you, while the loud end looks like they’re having A BALL.

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10. When someone in real life brings up a tweet or status update you made.

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11. Having to read a lease or contract in front of someone who’s waiting for you to sign it.

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12. Having to stand just outside a circle of your friends talking because there’s no room in the circle.

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13. When you’re out with a friend and their friend who you don’t know comes up and starts talking to them, and you just stand there.

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