20 Reasons Maryland Is The Coolest State

Maryland can sometimes get lost in the commotion of Washington D.C. but don’t you forget about us!

1. Eating crabs is a way of life and you have been eating them since infancy.

Crab hammers not included.

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2. We put Old Bay on everything.

crabs, chips, french fries, popcorn, corn on the cob …

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3. We’re home to the Ravens and the Orioles….

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4. …as well as the United States Naval Academy.

Hurray for beautiful people watching!

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5. We are the current Super Bowl Champions.

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6. Our state sport is jousting.

And your state sport is….?

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7. But let’s get real, lacrosse is king.

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8. A lot of important historical events happened in Maryland.

Did you know that at different points in time Annapolis and Baltimore were the capitol of the United States?

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9. Maryland is the birthplace of Francis Scott Key.

He wrote the national anthem.

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10. We had Cal Ripken Jr.

Every kid in Maryland fought over having the number 8 jersey for middle school sports.

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11. We get to experience every season.

possibly all within one week

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12. We have mountains, farm land, city, and beaches

Mini America

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13. We’re neither northern nor southern.

We get the best of both worlds

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14. We get to be near Washington D.C.

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15. Maryland has the coolest state flag.

God forbid you ever had to draw this sucker in middle school.

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16. We’re home to the number 1 hospital in the country, Johns Hopkins.

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17. We’ve got the scariest bridge in America…

but it was your favorite as a child because it meant you were going to the beach.

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18. We’re the source of every version of Hairspray.

and “Good Morning Baltimore” is our anthem.

ID: 1440225

19. Two words: Ledo Pizza.

Just the best square pizza ever.

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20. Even though we are one of the smallest states, you can pretty much experience everything imaginable here

Be proud hon!

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