17 Reasons Why Swarkles Is Your All Time Favorite Couple

It’s going to be months before we get to kick off the final season of How I Met Your Mother. In preparation, we need to talk about all the ways Barney and Robin are LEGEN — wait for it…

1. The way they celebrate together.

ID: 1212023

2. The way they fight.

ID: 1211440

3. The way they’re sad together.

ID: 1212009

4. The way they’re super into culture.

ID: 1212016

5. The way they have fun together.

ID: 1212042

6. The way they’re there for each other.

ID: 1212119

7. The way they plot to ruin strangers’ lives together.

ID: 1211450

8. The way they’re thug together.

ID: 1212066

9. The way they dance together.

Catch the whole thing, in all its glory, here.

ID: 1212051

10. How they’re a mess together…

ID: 1212046

11. …but they wouldn’t change a thing.

ID: 1212095

12. How Barney says things like this…

ID: 1212012

13. Because of the time he made this EPIC speech.

(And how you were shipping so hard the whole time)

ID: 1212077

14. The way she makes him go…

ID: 1211448

Are you melting yet?

ID: 1212061

15. And how she looks at him like this.

ID: 1212082

16. Because his proposal restored your faith in the world.

ID: 1211449

17. And because when she said “yes”…

ID: 1212008

…we were all:

ID: 1212010


ID: 1212013

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