20 Reasons Why You Should Own A Scooter

You really should.

1. It’s much, much cheaper than a car, so the price is right.

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2. And it gets great gas mileage (80–90mpg).

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3. So it’s environmentally friendly.

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4. And you can save money.

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5. But really, you should buy one so you can re-create this scene.

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6. Or have your passenger perform gymnastics while you drive.

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7. You’re light and nimble, so you can weave through traffic like a geek chic Dale Earnhardt.

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8. And if traffic is too bad, the sidewalk is always an option.

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9. Though pedestrians may not appreciate it.

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10. You never get tired or sweaty.

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11. Because there ain’t no pedaling involved.

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12. Also, driving at 40mph is a great way to dry off after a swim. Look, Selena and Vanessa know what I’m talking about.

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13. You can transport things on it. (Note: This was for my 25th birthday party).

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14. It’s almost impossible to not have swag.

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15. And people will think you’re Italian, if that’s something you’re into.

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16. You can make scooter friends.

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17. And drive in a scooter pack.

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18. You even get to wave to other scooter drivers on the road because you’re part of a team.

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19. You can name it “Scooter” Libby and get a lot of laughs IF (and only if) you live in Washington, D.C.

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20. And when you’re done with it, you can add it to the back of a chair and sell it for like 7 million Lira.

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