11 Indie Songs That You Need To Hear.

Just 11 random indie/alternative songs you should probably listen to, because they’re spectacular.

1. For 12 by Other Lives


ID: 2569800

2. Curtain Call by Steel Phantoms

(And who doesn’t love free downloads?)

ID: 2569810

3. Set Me On Fire by Bella Ferraro


ID: 2569814

4. On Fire by Mike Clifford


ID: 2569818

5. The Hunter and the Haunted by Cowboy Indian Bear


ID: 2569840

6. I Can’t Handle Change by Roar

facebook. (& some free downloads here.)

ID: 2569860

7. She Changes The Weather by Swim Deep


ID: 2569866

8. Crack My Bones by Rubbing Alcohol

(This is like, my favorite song right now, I think.)

ID: 2569872

9. Dust and Bones by Night Terrors of 1927


ID: 2569889

10. Wild by Royal Teeth

facebook. (a few free downloads, too!)
(Not only is this song beautiful, they’re all quite nice to look at, too.)

ID: 2569920

11. Out Of The Woods by Foals


ID: 2569945

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