This Is What Happens When A Politician Pisses Off The Internet

Australian Sen. Cory Bernardi has had a hell of a week. posted on

1. Ultra conservative Sen. Cory “Corgi” Bernardi is notorious for his extreme views.

Like the time he made a speech in Parliament linking homosexuality to bestiality, which resulted in his forced resignation as Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary.

2. The senator has a new book out, and it’s a doozy.

Highlights from The Conservative Revolution include the way Bernardi says women use abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control”, and describes the pro-abortion rights movement as “pro-death.” He believes religion should play a more prominent role in politics (and by religion he means Christianity), and that we all need to revert back to more traditional values, particularly in relation to families. You see, Bernardi thinks that not all families are created equal — of course, the traditional family is the most, in fact the only, acceptable way to go. He is critical of stepfamilies, says being conceived through IVF makes you a “commodity”, and being raised by a single mother causes girls to be promiscuous and boys to become criminals. Don’t even get him started on same-sex marriage.

4. Needless to say, this didn’t really go over well with, well, anybody.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he was offended by Bernardi’s comments, Tony Abbott’s office released a statement emphasising Bernardi’s backbencher status and saying “his views do not represent the position of the government”, and Liberal MP Warren Entsch questioned Bernardi’s gay “obsession” and noted “he who protests the loudest…”

5. And then the internet got involved. First, the Amazon reviews flooded in.

10. Then the memes began.

13. They confronted Bernardi’s views on sexuality.

16. Poked fun at his statements on families.

Cory Bernardi is still suffering from the pain inflicted by his adopted family - The Shady Bunch #auspol

19. Utilised his “Corgi” nickname.

21. And reimagined Bernardi’s book cover.

24. Then South Australians took to Tumblr to apologise for Bernardi being elected in their state.

28. This page became the top result when you search for Cory Bernardi on Facebook.

Bernardi appears to have deleted his own Facebook page.

29. This happened.

30. Satirical website The Shovel published this gem.

RT @Broelman: CARTOON: Whaling and wackos... this is what you get when you combine whaling with Cory Bernardi #auspol

34. And the #AskCory and #DearCory hashtags started trending.

@corybernardi I thought I was making my coffee the right way, but thought I'd check with you as you know all. How to do it right? #askcory

I wish @corybernardi would just give us a list of the sexual practices that are okay because he personally enjoys them. #askCory

I stopped in middle of giving my Bf a blow job to #AskCory should I swallow or spit? Don't want to kill those thousands of humans?

Cory, if I slept with Micky Mouse's dog, would that be a plutonic relationship? #askcory #dearcory

Does the guy with two penises come from a traditional family? I'm betting no #askCory

#DearCory I ache for your touch. Every night I see your rippling back float before my eyes

#dearcory As a lesbian, raised 3 kids. Now in 30s, no drugs, no crime, all have uni education & jobs. 2 lovely grandkids. What's yr problem?

#dearcory gay dads of 1-year old twins (boy and a girl), one of us migrated to Aus, we're doing allright, thank you

#DearCory I smack my cats bum and i also go out and smack the bums of other cats. Is that wrong?

#dearcory I have 1 sister and 2 half siblings, we are best mates, tight-knit and my step dad and mum are 18 years strong. Are we legit?

#DearCory How did the Abbott sister turn out a lesbian? She was raised in a traditional, Catholic family.

#dearcory - I won't waste words on my father. Stepfather's contribution to social development of self and siblings: PRICELESS.

#dearcory Here are some words that rhyme with Cory: bigot, fool, scumbag, misogynist, zealot, killer, maggot, coward, heretic, knob..

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