37 Signs It’s Summer In Australia

Other than, you know, the date.

1. The house with the pool becomes the most popular on the street. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

2. Even the crocs come by for a swim. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

3. You can’t go out without your zinc war paint on. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

4. You feel protected when the red and yellow lifeguard flags appear along the beaches. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

5. And you’re almost tempted to get caught in a rip. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

6. You get sand EVERYWHERE, and keep finding it in random places for the next three months.

Carissa Rogers / Via Flickr: goodncrazy

7. Everything gets decorated for Christmas — a white Christmas, to be precise.

John Ward / Via Flickr: 25653307@N03

8. Even though the closest you’ve ever come to such a thing is the colour of the sand at the beach.

Melissa Brawner / Via Flickr: 10205761@N02

9. The frangipani are in full bloom, and their scent fills the air.

Tasumi1968 / Via Flickr: mr_mum1968

10. The heat is unbearable, but you still long for the mercury to rise above 40ºC, ‘cause legend has it that means you get a day off school or work.

Disney / Via

11. At least you still have hours of sunlight at the end of the day to walk your dog/play backyard cricket/do whatever the hell you want. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

12. And before long, everyone in the country goes on holidays.

Mafleen / Via Flickr: mafleen

13. Cricket takes over the TV.

14. And the life of those who play it. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

15. And, on special occasions, the whole beach. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

16. You go barefoot most of the time, and the soles of your feet become one giant callus thanks to being stabbed by bindis, burned by dry sand, and scorched by bitumen.

17. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you bring out the thongs.

18. Men walk around shirtless 85% of the time.

Channel 7 / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

Which is awesome. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

Like, really awesome.

Bazmark Films / Via

Have we mentioned how awesome it is? / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

19. Of course, they’re not always shirtless. Sometimes they put on a singlet. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

20. You learn to use your hands as little as possible while driving. Because the steering wheel, it burns.

Universal Pictures / Via

21. Between Field Day, the Big Day Out, Soundwave, Laneway and Future Music, your whole budget is pretty much blown on music festivals. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

Where you just get drunk and injured.

22. Your days smell of sunscreen…

Edition88 / Via Flickr: tryagain

23. And your nights smell of Aerogard. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

24. You fall asleep to the sound of frogs.

PBS / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

25. “Cold” tap water is actually warm.

26. Hot chips by the beach are an open invitation to seagulls.

Disney / Via

27. Fire bans and water restrictions are just part of your routine.

David Reid / Via Flickr: davidonformosa

28. But half the country still catches fire. :(

Opticoverload / Via Flickr: 63349090@N08

29. Afterwards, everyone bands together to help out their mates (who can sometimes be strangers).

Channel 9 / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

30. Christmas beetles attach themselves to anything and everything, / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

31. And a fly goes in your mouth/up your nose on a semi-regular basis. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

32. The best part of your afternoon is having a Gaytime.

Sally Cummings / Via Flickr: sallysetsforth

33. And you go through at least one packet of Zooper Doopers a week. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

34. Your oven gets neglected ‘cause it’s barbie season (and not the doll kind). / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

35. Prawns and beer are a completely acceptable option for dinner.

Ben and Kaz Askins / Via Flickr: teamaskins

36. Your day isn’t complete until you have mango juice running down your arms. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

37. And there’s a good chance you’ll see the prime minister in his budgie smugglers.

Channel 10 / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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