16 Reasons Wollongong Is The Happiest City In Australia

People in Wollongong smile more than anyone else in the country, according to an Instagram study. It’s not hard to see why…

1. Wollongong is on the gorgeous south coast of New South Wales.

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2. It’s situated on a beautiful harbour.

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3. With not one but two historic lighthouses.

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4. And awesome beaches right next to the city.

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5. With plenty more in the surrounding suburbs.

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Garie Beach

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6. But it’s not all beaches. There’s also a lake!

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Lake Illawarra

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7. Plus there’s mountains.

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8. With rainforests.

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9. And waterfalls.

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10. The nearby countryside is quite lovely.

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11. And the Botanic Gardens are super pretty.

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12. Wollongong is home to the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Flickr: rian / Creative Commons
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13. And an awesome uni.

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14. Of course, there’s also the city itself, which is the third largest in New South Wales.

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15. It’s close enough to Sydney to make it easy to visit.

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16. But far enough away that it’s more laid back.

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Basically, the Gong is something to smile about.

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Red Panda at Symbio Wildlife Park in Wollongong.

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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