31 Love Stories In 140 Characters Or Less

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Penguin Teen asked their followers to create a #TwitterLoveStory to win these books, and the results were…interesting.

Can you tell a love story in 140 characters or less? Tweet your #TwitterLoveStory to enter to win 10 swoony books!

1. There were some cute stories…

"I don't mind being alone," she says, glancing up at him. "Then I'll be alone with you." He touches her hand. #TwitterLoveStory


It took him three days to give her the note written with bright green crayon. She checked the box for yes in Bright Red. #TwitterLoveStory


"Do you love me?" He asked. "Yeah, look, I saved you half of my Twix," she said. He laughed and kissed her. #TwitterLoveStory


Girl: this dish tastes so good! Boy: Cooking is my favourite pass time. Girl: eating is mine! ..and they lived [still] HEA #TwitterLoveStory


At lunch, he was too shy to wave to the new boy. Next period, he smiled. On the bus, they shared a seat and their secrets. #TwitterLoveStory

7. And some personal ones…

@PenguinTeen At the library He slept. She was reading. He woke & saw Her. Love was instantaneous. #TwitterLoveStory << (How my parents met.)


@PenguinTeen Boy sees girl at party & asks for a date. Date for a year. Elope 72 hrs before he deploys to Iraq. #twitterlovestory (my story)


@PenguinTeen He was an athlete. I was a theater geek. We both loved Lord of the Rings. Movie marathon changed everything. #TwitterLoveStory


He had me at "clearly the triangle shape of the prom dress represents the love triangle between Duckie, Andy, and Blaine." #TwitterLoveStory

13. Then things took kind of a weird turn.

@PenguinTeen She looked into his eyes, he into hers, each longing to gobble the others wet, soggy, cornflakes #TwitterLoveStory


Deep dark below/ your teeth & bones/ I treasure them in boxes neat/ my white pearls and smooth ivory. #twtpoem #TwitterLoveStory


@PenguinTeen There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. EXCEPT ONE. They got married. The end! #TwitterLoveStory


Man creates dinosaur, dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth, falls in love with dinosaur. #TwitterLoveStory


@PenguinTeen Jesse the pig loved farmer Kenny. Kenny fed him nice veggies. Then one day Jesse was herded into a room. #twitterlovestory


@PenguinTeen The demon promised Lucy he'd help kill her step dad, but really he just wanted her soul. Which he got. #twitterlovestory


@PenguinTeen Boy meets girl. They fall in love. The ship sinks. There was definitely enough room on the raft to save Jack. #TwitterLoveStory


#TwitterLoveStory It was all destined to be...a love out of time... "There'll never be another," girl whispers softly to her plate of fries.


Work is dull, but he swoops in during her break, all charisma, inviting her on an adventure.When it's over, she'll reread. #TwitterLoveStory

27. And pretty awesome.

Girl meets boy. Girl decides it's okay to be single and concentrates on her passion for archaeology. #TwitterLoveStory


#TwitterLoveStory: Once upon a time a toad in disguise broke a girl’s heart. With a kiss, the princess healed it.


Girl meets boy. Boy kisses girl. Girl runs away with boy's sister. They live happily ever after. #TwitterLoveStory


Girl meets boy. Boy's an angst-ridden bad-boy bordering on sociopath. Girl dumps boy and runs off with someone else. #twitterlovestory

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