How To Dress Like You Went To Heartbreak High

The height of ’90s-inspired fashion.

1. Inspiration: Drazic


The guy behind the sexual awakening of 13-year-olds around Australia.

2. You’ll need…

3. One very loud shirt. Take your pick.


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4. Shell and/or bone necklaces.


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5. And, of course, an eyebrow ring.


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6. Inspiration: Mai


Strong-minded, creative and completely individual.

7. You’ll need…

8. A bright, patterned top.


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9. Some hair accessories.


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10. And some wicked dark lippy.


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11. Inspiration: Dennis


Resident class clown.

12. You’ll need…

13. An out-there shirt (sensing a pattern here).


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14. Some outstanding sunnies.


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15. And some hair accessories!


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16. Inspiration: Jodie


Ahh, the ’90s “bad girl”.

17. You’ll need…

18. A basic top (for something different).


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19. A statement necklace.


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20. And a striped beanie.


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21. Inspiration: Ryan


Hellooo golden boy.

22. You’ll need…

23. A sweet jacket.


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24. A sporty tee.


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25. And a bandana.


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26. Inspiration: Anita


The girl everyone wanted to be (if only coz she nabbed Drazic).

27. A skivvy.


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28. Some hair clips.


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29. And an awesome purple coat.


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