41 Hot Guys Whose Eyes Will Pierce Your Soul

Eyes never looked so good.

1. “I see you.”

ID: 3015805

2. “I see you and I’m attracted to your intellect.”

ID: 3050669

3. “I see you and I hear you too.”

ID: 3050657

4. “I see you and I admire your integrity.”

ID: 3050677

5. “I see you and you’re adorable.”

ID: 3050505

6. “I see you and you are the moon of my life.”

ID: 3050556

7. “I see you and let’s eat pizza together.”

ID: 3050515

8. “I see you and I would like to keep on seeing you.”

ID: 3050580

9. “I see you and you’re a sight for sore eyes.”

History Channel
ID: 3050479

10. “I see you and I respect the hell out of you.”

Screen Gems
ID: 3050494

11. “I see you and HEY.”

ID: 3050477

12. “I see you and you’re so beautiful it hurts.”

ID: 3050472

13. “I see you and I adore you.”

ID: 3050721

14. “I see you and I like what I see.”

Overbrook Entertainment
ID: 3050476

15. “I see you and I am impressed.”

ID: 3050612

16. “I see you and uh-huh honey.”

ID: 3050509

17. “I see you and let’s make out.”

7th Reel Pictures
ID: 3050621

18. “I see you and dayummmm.”

ID: 3050493

19. “I see you and I want you more than ice cream.”

Universal Pictures
ID: 3050717

20. “I see you and let’s play.”

ID: 3050636

21. “I see you and you take my breath away.”

ID: 3050725

22. “I see you and I want to do bad things with you.”

ID: 3050712

23. “I see you and you’re charming.”

Paramount Pictures
ID: 3050682

24. “I see you and I want to ease your pain.”

ID: 3050683

25. “I see you and you’re my hero.”

ID: 3050694

26. “I see you and I love what you have to say.”

Warner Bros
ID: 3050653

27. “I see you and this is what heaven looks like.”

The CW
ID: 3050575

28. “I see you and you basically blow my mind.”

Warner Bros
ID: 3050606

29. “I see you and I have a lot of feelings.”

ID: 3050605

30. “I see you and you make my dreams come true.”

ID: 3050549

31. “I see you and boom goes the dynamite.”

ID: 3050553

32. “I see you and let’s stay up all night talking.”

Christian Dior
ID: 3050572

33. “I see you and you’re the funniest person I know.”

ID: 3050500

34. “I see you and you’re lovely.”

ID: 3050595

35. “I see you and you are actually the best.”

ID: 3015832

36. “I see you and I always will.”

ID: 3050673

37. “I see you and we should definitely adopt a puppy together.”

ID: 3050656

38. “I see you and let’s have breakfast in bed.”

ID: 3050649

39. “I see you and marry me?”

ID: 3050591

40. “I see you and you can have all of me.”

ID: 3050623

41. “I see you and bam you’re pregnant.”

ID: 3050514

Soul: pierced.

ID: 3050752

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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