17 Adorable Guide Dogs In Training That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Work hard, play hard.

1. Today (April 30) is International Guide Dog Day.

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2. It’s a day to celebrate guide dogs - coz you gotta admit, they’re pretty damn amazing.

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3. In Australia, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the main breeds used as guide dogs, mostly because of their temperament and intelligence.

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4. Puppies bred to be guide dogs have to go through a rigorous process before they can start work.

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5. When they are eight weeks old, a vet checks their health and suitability for work as a guide dog, and if they’re given the go ahead they go to live with specially selected “puppy raisers” for the next 12 months.

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6. Puppy raisers help socialise the future guide dogs, teach them obedience and get them used to the sights, sounds and smells they will encounter as working dogs.

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7. But most importantly, they give them lots of love and attention and help them become confident and happy dogs.

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8. The puppies are also visited by officers from guide dog organisations who take them on training walks and check their progress.

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9. When they’re 14 months old, the puppies go to the Guide Dogs Centre to spend two weeks being trained and assessed.

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10. They are assessed on their commitment to their work, especially their concentration skills and initiative.

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11. Puppies that don’t pass the guide dog test are sometimes turned into therapy pets - companion animals for people who are experiencing difficulties due to age, illness or disability.

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12. If they aren’t able to fulfill either of these roles, their puppy raisers are given the chance to adopt them as pets.

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13. If the puppies are considered good potential guide dogs, they go through five months of intensive training.

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14. They are taught skills like stopping at all kerbs, boarding public transport, sitting quietly when necessary and walking in a straight line without being distracted.

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15. Once they have successfully completed training, they’re matched with their person.

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16. When a guide dog has its harness on, it’s working - so it’s important not to distract it by trying to pet it or get its attention, or letting your dog go near it.

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17. But guide dogs get plenty of down time when the harness comes off and they can play, rest and recharge.

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18. Find out more about guide dogs and how you can support them here.

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