17 Things Every Twentysomething Has Googled

Does Taco Bell deliver?

1. When you have the wine bottle, but no way to get to the wine.

ID: 2766344

2. When the wine is gone.

ID: 2766528

3. When Domino’s is closed.

ID: 2766650

4. When you’ve made a huge mistake.

ID: 2768251

5. When you wake up the next morning.

ID: 2767691

6. When HBO GO is down.

ID: 2767622

7. When you’re trying to impress that new person in your life.

ID: 2767637

8. When that doesn’t work out.

ID: 2768254

9. When something’s not right down there.

ID: 2767616

10. When you’re feeling inspired, yet lazy.

ID: 2767650

11. When you have to pay rent and can’t remember how.

ID: 2767674

12. When you realize it’s probably something important.

ID: 2767780

13. When you’re not quite sure how to bullshit your way through one.

ID: 2767788

14. When you have some time to kill.

ID: 2768263

15. When you’re wondering how much it would hurt.

ID: 2768275

16. When you’re in the mood to creep.

ID: 2767769

17. When you have nothing better to do.

ID: 2767700

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