7 Things That Are Better Valentines Than Humans

Think you don’t have a valentine? Think again.

1. Netflix

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves movie nights, takeout, independent movies featuring a strong female lead.
Will give you a new season of House of Cards.

2. The internet in general

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves telling you anything you want to know.
Will give you this. Right here.

3. Pizza

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves being inside you.
Will give you gas, maybe, but who cares.

4. Your bed

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves being there for you after a long day of work.
Will give you energy, life, everything.

5. Wine

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves being uncorked.
Will give you long nights of fun and laughter.

6. Flappy Bird

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Loves keeping you occupied.
Will give you bragging rights.

7. Your hand

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Bam. Went there.

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