10 Reasons My Mom Thinks I’m A Lesbian

I am not a lesbian. I just haven’t had a boyfriend, like, ever. But I’m okay with it. Turns out, my mom isn’t.

10. I like to wear cut off, sleeveless shirts that show off my tattoos and bulging biceps.

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9. I don’t like to shave. What’s the point? It takes a really long time and it’s not like anybody is going to be feeling me up any time soon.

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8. I just cut off all of my hair.

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7. I once kissed a girl. But I swear, it didn’t mean anything.

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6. When I’m out with my girlfriends, I never talk to guys. It’s not that I’m not interested, I just have no game. I also have social anxiety.

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5. But it’s also because I hate boys.

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4. One time, I brought my best friend as my date to my cousin’s wedding. My whole family was like…

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3. I never talk about boys in front of my mom. What’s the point? She’s only going to make me feel even worse about myself than I already do.

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2. I’m 31 and I’m not married. No, there is nothing wrong with me. At least… I don’t think.

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1. Fine. To be completely honest, I haven’t had a boyfriend in ten years and I’m fine with that. Turns out, my mom isn’t.

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