What The Internet Talks About When It Talks About Kale

So much more than antioxidants.

1. There’s sex…

Via farmerspal.com

3. And death.

Via twitter.com

16. Love…

#Katniss + #gALE.

18. And hate.

Via twitter.com

21. There’s violence.

23. Celebrity.

Via twitter.com

27. And capitalism.

Via urbandictionary.com

30. There’s more sex…

32. Some drugs…

Via twitter.com

34. And of course, rock and roll.

37. There’s talk of the future…

Via twitter.com

39. The past…

46. But it’s mostly chips…


48. 2 Chainz…


50. Vitamins…

Via pinterest.com


52. And Beyonce.

That’s better.

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