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    • jeannes48766497f

      It’s a crime when, in our society, a woman can’t go out on a date without being afraid of assault. There’s something wrong with our environment … our movies, our magazines, our culture, the influences kids get in school and college. X-rated movies can be rented and shown in any home at any time of night or day, even with children present. A horrendous desecration of sex and what it was meant to be pervades our society. Just because one takes the Pill doesn’t mean that sex should happen unless there’s a long-term and caring commitment between the two involved. The offspring of these people too often are the victims.
      Whatever happened to marriage? Does anybody believe in it anymore? I’ve been married to the same man for more than 40 years, and I love him more than ever. We were faithful before we were married so we had nothing to hide. Faithfulness is essential to our trust relationship. We waste no energy on skeletons in the closet. We can look each other in the eye and say, “I love you” and “I saved myself for you.” Best of all, we have no baggage with each other. We can look God in the eye and tell the truth. We never have to lie.
      Date rape, or any kind of rape, to me, is a horrendous crime and should be punished just as harshly as any criminal in prison. What those people steal from another person can never be restored, not only physically, but also, psychologically and spiritually.
      Five years in jail for every idiot who does it!