18 Sexual Celebrity Arms

limited to celebrities’ biceps that i am aware of, obviously.

1. Hugh Jackman

couldn’t even tell you what “Australia” was about

ID: 2352306

2. Chris Hemsworth

i would be lying if i said i didn’t mistype “chris” with “christ”

ID: 2352349

3. Christian Bale

well there was a “t” in there anyway

ID: 2352407

4. Sean Connery

when men had body hair and small bathing suits

ID: 2352414

5. Charlie Hunnam

bottle of booze is added bonus

ID: 2352437

6. Adam Levine

oh, to be that microphone

ID: 2352498

7. Nelly

i have nothing remotely appropriate to say

ID: 2352506

8. Ryan Lotche

you beautiful, confused man

ID: 2352518

9. Joe Manganiello

i had zero trouble finding a shirtless picture of you. thank you.

ID: 2352561

10. Cameron Diaz

what a dime

ID: 2352574

11. Eric Dane

i’d be smiling too if i were that bowl

ID: 2352606

12. Daniel Craig

maybe the suit is just a james bond thing

ID: 2352615

13. Alexander Skarsgård

may have watched an episode or two of “True Blood” in my day

ID: 2352637

14. Paul Walker

i miss you

ID: 2352639

15. Heath Ledger

while i’m at it…

ID: 2352655

16. Seann William Scott

even if you’re a little misguided as to how to spell your name

ID: 2352695

17. Gerard Butler

making hair-vests trendy again

ID: 2352704

18. And Hugh Jackman

again. sorry. i love you.

ID: 2352726

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