13 Most Racist Things At The Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia

Prepare to be disgusted. The newly renovated Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI houses a collection of racist memorabilia meant to spark dialog and create awareness in regards to the history of racism and how it influences culture today. Here are the 15 most racist things we found in the museum.


This front page of an old gossip rag not only tells us some interesting information about the Boston Strangler, but is also extremely racist.

ID: 258228

Apparently, this was a huge problem for racists back then.

ID: 258232

According to racists, African American babies drink ink to maintain their skin color. Racists, as a general rule, have never been very good at science.

ID: 258237

Using busing to eliminate segregation in school leads to… cannibalism? Fear mongering at its finest (and most racist).

ID: 258259

In the 1900s, it was deemed no longer acceptable to use actual African Americans as target practice for “luxury cruise games,” so they made this racist game instead.

ID: 258261

So, only white people and cats?

ID: 258262

The kind of soap that using makes you feel filthy.

ID: 258263

Careful, light-skinned women who aren’t white. There could be devastating tragedies ahead, in the same way that busing (see above) leads to eating people.

ID: 258269

Is your baby not racist enough? Get him or her this bib to vomit on. This bib makes me want to vomit and I’m not even wearing it.

ID: 258274

A staggering collection of Mammy figurines.

ID: 258280

HELP. I want to play Monopoly, but it’s not racist enough.

ID: 258282

Obama will be accused of murdering America, but then acquitted after a lengthy trial and then write a… and he does drugs… what? This makes no sense.

ID: 258290

Actual manacles used during slavery. It’s important to acknowledge and be aware of racism, including institutional racism. This shit’s been going on for decades upon decades, and it’s still going on today as this collection of images shows. Don’t be a racist. Don’t let anyone you know be a racist.

ID: 258296

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