20 Awesome Things About Living On The Upper West Side Of Manhattan

Being young and single on the Upper West Side of Manhattan gets you a lot of flack from friends. But the UWS is awesome for so many reasons.

20. Being the most in-shape in a pre-natal fitness class (as a male)

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19. Some stores disallow strollers like they disallow pets

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18. Designated “Shabbos Goy” in each building

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17. The supermarket wars between Zabar’s, Trader Joe’s and Fairway

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16. Friends won’t visit you because you live north of 42nd Street

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15. Having a 778 acre backyard I never have to mow

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14. Buying Lincoln Center symphony tickets, but skipping it because you got distracted at Loehmann’s

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13. Knowing we’re really better than the Upper East Siders

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12. Off-duty yellow cabs will always take you home because it’s on their way to taxi parking lots in Queens

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11. Arguments over the northern borders of the Upper West Side (it really is 110th Street!)

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10. The tourists haven’t yet figured out there is a Century 21 on the Upper West Side too

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9. Lots of cat ladies and therapists (many cat ladies who happen to be therapists)

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8. Hearing Columbia University students complain that their subway stop isn’t on the express line

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7. Because the rent stabilized neighbors have summer homes and cars in parking lots and may die soon

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6. Rewards for finding lost strollers

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5. We’re the only people that know that there is a Riverside Drive AND a Riverside Boulevard

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4. Not only do we have mice in our subways, but we have dinosaurs

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3. We always have electricity during NYC blackouts

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2. 80% chance of coming home to a Law & Order episode being filmed on your block

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1. There are no Republicans on the Upper West Side

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