12 Amazing CD Upcycling Projects

Incredible uses for old CDs and DVDs that you can do yourself! Time to get those AOL trial discs out of storage.

1. CD/DVD Roofing


Roofing for sheds or dog houses made from upcycled CDs and DVDs. Simply drill a hole in each one, align, then nail to the roof.

ID: 247290

2. Parabolic Solar Cooker


Parabolic solar cooker made from an old satellite dish and a several hundred scrap CDs. Great for weiner cookouts or beginning of plan for world domination.

ID: 247291

3. CD/DVD Construction Kit


Construction kit using lucite hinges glued to old scrap CDs and DVDs.

ID: 247297

4. CD Table Lamp


Table lamp made from upcycled CDs.

ID: 247300

5. Organize Your Closet

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Easy closet dividers from old CDs.

ID: 247302

6. Rotating Photography Rig


A rig for taking photos of small objects made from the spindle of an old CD-ROM drive and a pair of CDs or DVDs.

ID: 247318

7. Driveway Reflectors


Nail them to posts and trees to mark obstacles.

ID: 247320

8. CD & Balloon Hovercraft


Build your own hovercraft toy.

ID: 247323

9. CD Christmas Tree Ornaments


Partially shred CDs and DVDs to make these Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree.

ID: 247324

10. Foil Scratch Art


Coat with paint then use a sharp stylus to remove paint to show the shiny surface below.

ID: 247326

11. CD Pendants


Pendants made from upcycled CDs.

ID: 247331

12. A Top


And last but not least, the humble spinning top. Wheeeeeeee!

ID: 247327

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