29 Things You Learn At Your First Real Job

Cubicles, coffee, and scheduled breaks. It’s just like The Office only better!

1. Coffee is your best friend.

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Keurig anyone?

2. Well actually more like your addiction….

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Just one more cup.

3. Showering at night will allow you to wake up a little later in the morning.

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Dry shampoo to save the day!!!

4. A personalized work space is a must.

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8 hours in a ball pit = awesome.

5. Adderall is just as useful after college.

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ADD is not just for students.

6. Food at the office is personal property. Don’t steal or snack on what’s not yours.

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Karma with get you.

7. One hour for lunch really isn’t a lot of time.

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I’ll just eat at my desk.

8. Weekends are very valuable.

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Free time is no longer in a surplus.

9. Breakfast is optional.

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Or eaten very quickly.

10. Work bathrooms have different rules than the rest of the world.

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And half the people in there are just hiding to avoid working.

11. Bosses can actually be cool.

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You might even become friends.

12. You will be staring at a computer screen more than any other point in your life.

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Looking at BuzzFeed articles every chance you get.

13. Headphones are considered a work necessity.

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What better way to zone out.

14. Boredom at the job is a very real thing.

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Nap level: EXPERT

15. The NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag can spare you a lot of embarrassment.

quickmeme.com / Via quickmememe.com

At least wait until your boss turns the corner.

16. You’ll wish you had the power to control traffic.

The morning commute can be a drag…literally.

17. Meetings can be real hit or miss.

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Everyone’s favorite part of the workday.

18. Happy hour with co-workers is a bonding activity.

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$3 dollar martinis? LET’s GO!!!

19. Showing up hungover is a huge mistake.

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You might even use a sick day just to recover.

20. The break room is the best place in the office.

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21. Where else in the world will you still find free food?

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And coffee.

22. The 2:30 feeling is a real thing.

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Sometimes it’s a 10:30 feeling.

23. You’ll finally be making money…

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Dollar dollar bill y’all.

24. But you’ll still be broke.

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Students loans, rent, and bills are no joke.

25. Work dress codes will throw you off.

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You haven’t had a dress code since middle school.

26. Casual Fridays are awesome!!!

Time to let loose.

27. You can finally wear something that expresses who you are.

comedycentral.com / Via gifrific.com

28. You will romanticize college.

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Yet you couldn’t wait to get out of college and start working.

29. Hopefully you love your job, but even if you don’t you’ll get invaluable introduction into the world of work.

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