29 Things You Learn At Your First Real Job

Cubicles, coffee, and scheduled breaks. It’s just like The Office only better!

1. Coffee is your best friend.

Keurig anyone?

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2. Well actually more like your addiction….

Just one more cup.

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3. Showering at night will allow you to wake up a little later in the morning.

Dry shampoo to save the day!!!

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4. A personalized work space is a must.

8 hours in a ball pit = awesome.

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5. Adderall is just as useful after college.

ADD is not just for students.

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6. Food at the office is personal property. Don’t steal or snack on what’s not yours.

Karma with get you.

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7. One hour for lunch really isn’t a lot of time.

I’ll just eat at my desk.

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8. Weekends are very valuable.

Free time is no longer in a surplus.

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9. Breakfast is optional.

Or eaten very quickly.

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10. Work bathrooms have different rules than the rest of the world.

And half the people in there are just hiding to avoid working.

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11. Bosses can actually be cool.

You might even become friends.

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12. You will be staring at a computer screen more than any other point in your life.

Looking at BuzzFeed articles every chance you get.

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13. Headphones are considered a work necessity.

What better way to zone out.

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14. Boredom at the job is a very real thing.

Nap level: EXPERT

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15. The NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag can spare you a lot of embarrassment.

At least wait until your boss turns the corner.

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16. You’ll wish you had the power to control traffic.

The morning commute can be a drag…literally.

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17. Meetings can be real hit or miss.

Everyone’s favorite part of the workday.

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18. Happy hour with co-workers is a bonding activity.

$3 dollar martinis? LET’s GO!!!

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19. Showing up hungover is a huge mistake.

You might even use a sick day just to recover.

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20. The break room is the best place in the office.

ID: 2170844

21. Where else in the world will you still find free food?

And coffee.

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22. The 2:30 feeling is a real thing.

Sometimes it’s a 10:30 feeling.

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23. You’ll finally be making money…

Dollar dollar bill y’all.

ID: 2173598

24. But you’ll still be broke.

Students loans, rent, and bills are no joke.

ID: 2173627

25. Work dress codes will throw you off.

You haven’t had a dress code since middle school.

ID: 2173679

26. Casual Fridays are awesome!!!

Time to let loose.

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27. You can finally wear something that expresses who you are.

ID: 2170768

28. You will romanticize college.

Yet you couldn’t wait to get out of college and start working.

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29. Hopefully you love your job, but even if you don’t you’ll get invaluable introduction into the world of work.

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