23 Signs You’re Addicted To Shoes

Their is no such thing as too many shoes.

1. This is your dream.

ID: 2035790

2. One of your typical reactions.

ID: 2035794

3. When you walk into you store you be like….

ID: 2035863

4. This is how you react when you think you see a sale.

ID: 2035802

5. You and the staff are on a first name basis.

ID: 2035879

6. You’re willing to pay anything for that perfect pair.

ID: 2035811

7. Now you have no idea how you’re going to pay your rent.

ID: 2035883

8. A scene breaks out when their is an actual sale.

ID: 2035809

9. Your experience when you can’t make up your mind in the store.

ID: 2035818

10. You spend hours surfing for sales.

ID: 2035931

11. It feels so good to actually get it right when you order online.

ID: 2035814

12. Your reaction when a stranger compliments your footwear.

ID: 2035819

13. You categorize shoes by season.

ID: 2035826

14. In fact your collection needs its own dictionary.

ID: 2035944

15. When traveling you need a suitcase or two just for your shoes.

ID: 2035830

16. This predicament is all to familiar.

ID: 2035845

17. Carrie Bradshaw was your idol when it came to shoes and style.

ID: 2035964

18. You’ve bought a few pairs strickly for looks, but you can barely walk in them.

Via You’ve bought some just for looks, but you can barely walk in them.
ID: 2035856

19. This is how you feel when someone else got the pair you wanted.

ID: 2035859

20. Your friends have tried multiple times to get you to quit,

ID: 2035888

21. And the more you explain your addiction the less rational you sound.

ID: 2035892

22. It doesn’t matter because great shoes make you feel…

ID: 2035899

23. YES!!!!!

ID: 2035849

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