23 Interesting Facts About Instagram

Wait…Which hashtags should I use? Facts via DMR.

1. The United States, Japan, and Brazil are the three countries with the most users.

Javi Moreno / Via wikimedia.com

2. Selfies rule Instagram

mediabistro.com / Via mediabistro.com

Courtesy of Media Bistro.

3. There are 57 million photos bearing #selfie hashtag its many variations on Instagram.

survivingcollege.com / Via survivingcollege.com

This is a big part of the reason “selfie” was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionary

4. The celebrity with the most selfies is Kylie Jenner with 451.

lazygirls.info / Via lazygirls.info

That’s a lot of mirror and front facing camera pics.

5. New York City is the most geotagged city.

designyoutrust.com / Via designyoutrust.com

6. And Times Square is the second most geotagged place.

flickr.com / Via flickr.com

7. The first is Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

hotelclub.com / Via hotelclub.com

8. No Filter is actually the most popular filter on Instagram.

http://__username__ / Via http://prettierthanperez.com

9. This picture of Will Smith and Justin Bieber was the most liked picture of 2013

foxnews.com / Via foxnews.com

10. And yes Bieber is the most followed person on Instagram.

huffingtonpost.com / Via huffingtonpost.com

11. But the Instagram profile is still the most followed user name on the platform.

instagram.com / Via instagram.com

53 million and counting.

12. Stanford grads Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010.

gq.com / Via gq.com

13. Facebook purchased the company two years later in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock.

quickmeme.com / Via quickmeme.com

14. When it was bought by Facebook Instagram only had 13 employees.

thesocialmediatoday.com / Via thesocialmediatoday.com

(12 pictured)

15. As of 2014 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram.

http://__username__ / Via jinglebells333.tumblr.com

16. But Facebook still trumps that with 140 billion photos!!!

http://__username__ / Via http://gizmodo.com

17. 70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day.

35% of users check it multiple times a day.

18. Only 40% of Instagram’s global users live in the United States.

freeworldmaps.net / Via freeworldmaps.net

19. NIKE is the most followed brand.

20. Victoria’s Secret is the most followed retailer.

CBS / Via c-swanepoel.tumblr.com -

21. 83% of all posts contain hashtags.

redbullmusicacademy.com / Via redbullmusicacademy.com

22. The most popular hashtags are #love,#beautiful,#cute, #me, and #tbt amongst others.

http://__username__ / Via smg.photobucket.com

23. Oh, and of course Jen Setler has the most followed bum.

Instagram: @__username__ / Via Buzzfeed.com

Dat Ass!

Statistics provided courtesy of Digital Marketing Ramblings

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