21 Lessons “A Christmas Story” Taught Us

You’ll shoot your eye out!!!

1. Adults do not approve of BB guns as Christmas presents.

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3. Backing down from a triple dog dare is unheard of.


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4. But lick a freezing pole and your tongue will get stuck to it.

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6. You can be cute as a kid and as an adult.

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7. Even if you’re a bully.

Dammit, his eyes really aren’t yellow.

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8. December is a cold month so dress appropriately.

You can always put you arms down when you get to school.

ID: 2180564

9. Radio commercials suck.

ID: 2181312

The secret decoder ring was such a disappointment.

ID: 2180643

10. The best way to stop a bully is to stand up to them.

ID: 2181393

11. A leg lamp is the ultimate trophy.


ID: 2180583

12. And great “hands on” furniture.

ID: 2180668

13. Cursing in front of your parents can have serious consequences.

Even if they curse all the time.

ID: 2181320

14. Seriously

ID: 2181328

15. Washing your mouth with soap can cause blindness.

ID: 2180757

16. Hand made presents from your Aunt Clara are the best!!!

ID: 2181591

17. Well maybe not.

ID: 2180647

18. But it can inspire amazing sweaters.

ID: 2180707

19. Messing up lyrics to Christmas songs can be hilarious.

ID: 2181415

20. Sometimes other people are right.

ID: 2181650

21. For the last time you’re probably not going to get a Red Ryder BB gun.


ID: 2180854

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