20 Things Extroverts Love

“It was such a fun weekend. I have so much to tell you.”

1. Having to choose between multiple weekend plans.

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Birthdays, sports, and it’s a holiday weekend??? YES!

2. Knowing that party hopping is always an option.

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“We’re going to 5 functions tonight.”

3. Happy Hour after work.

Half off drinks and appetizers? Let’s go.

4. Hanging out with your friends whenever you have free time.

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Who wants to be alone when you can cuddle.

5. Being on a team project for work or school.

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6. Shopping with friends.

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Who else is going to stop you from making dumb purchases?

7. Having a drink at that new bar in the neighborhood.

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Because everybody is going to be there.

8. Speed dating.

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Oh, the people you’ll meet.

9. Being the life of the party.

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10. Group exercise classes.

Uh, anyone want to go to yoga in the park?

11. Always introducing yourself first.

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No awkward silence here.

12. Saying exactly what’s on your mind.

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You have no filter.

13. Laughing hysterically with friends.

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And having people around you wonder…What’s so funny?

14. Hosting meetings.

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15. Talking on the phone, instead of calling or texting.

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16. Having a large group of friends and acquaintances.

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Well maybe your not that close to your 2,576 Facebook friends.

17. Helping your introverted friends be more sociable.

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Talking is good.

18. Car rides with your buddies.

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19. Getting excited when you hang out with like minded friends.

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20. People!

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Most people are actually a combination of extrovert and introvert tendencies.

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