20 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Cat

Oh you love cats too? We…we can be friends.

1. Your cats grooming costs more then your haircut. / Via

2. Becoming a crazy cat lady doesn’t scare you.

Fox / Via

3. You know you’ll find love with someone equally as obsessed as you.

Fox / Via

4. You scoff when people suggest it’s better to be a dog person. / Via

You got to be kitten me!

5. You consider your cats children and address them as so. / Via

6. Most of your instragram pics include your feline. / Via


7. You dress them up for holidays. / Via

Santa Claws.

8. You’ve been known to take them out on the town for an adventure. / Via

Possibly wearing a leash, which they probably hated. BUT IT WAS SO CUTE.

9. You celebrate their birthday. / Via

Nothing better then cat and cake.

10. It annoys you when someone refers to your cat as “it.” / Via

Cats are people, too. Have a little respect.

11. You’ve been known to cook extra of whatever you’re having specifically for your cat. / Via

No more Fancy Feast for your feline. Fluffy deserves only the best!

12. Your take them with you on vacation and family holidays.

http://__username__ / Via

13. You have regular conversations, even though they never respond. / Via

At least not vocally.

14. You can’t bear the thought of losing them.

http://__username__ / Via -

Stop, just stop.

15. You make up songs about them and sing their praises. Literally. / Via

16. You give them your last name along with countless nicknames.

Jinx, Jinxsters, Jinxy….

17. You have Skyped or Facetimed with them in the frame.

http://__username__ / Via


18. You’ve considered breaking up with your significant other because they don’t get along with your cat. / Via

He has got to go.

19. You’ve made them a Facebook account or fanpage. / Via

Interests include lounging in bathroom sinks, chasing strings, and scratching on doors at 3am.

20. You can literally feel the love. / Via

And that’s why cats are awesome!!!

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