This Video Of A Doctor Giving A Shot To A Baby Is Both Genius And Adorable

If only your pediatrician was like this.

1. YouTuber Mama Ethiopia uploaded a video of a baby getting his shots at the pediatrician. Normally this is a very stressful event, but the doctor handled it brilliantly.

ID: 3482294

2. The video starts with the doctor playfully distracting the baby before giving him a shot.

ID: 3484635

3. He gives him the first one without the baby noticing.

ID: 3484460

4. During the second shot, the baby starts to get a little fussy.

ID: 3484714

5. Little guy was about to start crying, but this doctor busted out all the stops.

ID: 3484432

6. Needless to say this baby boy was all smiles after his visit.

ID: 3484514

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