28 Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

You’re feeling sick? Let me get some VapoRub.”

4. Cristina was her version of Oprah…

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5. And Walter Mercado was her supreme adviser.

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6. Whenever she watched novelas you were given a play by play.

Rede Globo / Via gifsdatv.tumblr.com

Whether you liked it or not.

And you didn’t dare utter a word.

7. Her yelling sometimes took a paradoxical tone.

8. You never wanted to get on her bad side.

9. Because if she ever actually counted to three you were officially fucked.

10. And you would then feel the wrath of the dreaded chancla.

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11. When 15 rolled around she was probably more excited about your quinceañera then you were.

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12. To this day she still has you fearing El Cucuy.

13. And she referred to any gaming system as a Nintendo.

14. There was no way you were leaving the house without finishing your chores.

15. And she made sure everything was done with Fabuloso.

16. Somewhere in your kitchen she hung a picture of La Ultima Cena on the wall.

17. And she always made you save plastic bags so you could put them in a bag with even more plastic bags.

Julie Thurston/Julie Thurston

18. You knew to clear the house whenever she put chile on the comal.

19. Her oven also doubled as storage space.

20. You never understood how she flipped tortillas without burning her fingertips.

23. Her marathon holiday tamaladas led to an all-tamale diet afterward.

Your mother, abuelita, and tias made no less than 2000.

25. You probably had these velas around the house.

26. Along with a calendar of La Virgen.

27. And church on Sunday usually wasn’t a choice.

And even though she drove you crazy at times,

You still love her no matter what.

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