28 Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

You’re feeling sick? Let me get some VapoRub.”

1. She believed VapoRub was a cure for everything.

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2. Along with Sprite.

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3. If you scraped your knee, you could always expect the “Sana, sana” rhyme.

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4. Cristina was her version of Oprah…

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5. And Walter Mercado was her supreme adviser.

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6. Whenever she watched novelas you were given a play by play.

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Whether you liked it or not.

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And you didn’t dare utter a word.

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7. Her yelling sometimes took a paradoxical tone.

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8. You never wanted to get on her bad side.

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9. Because if she ever actually counted to three you were officially fucked.

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10. And you would then feel the wrath of the dreaded chancla.

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11. When 15 rolled around she was probably more excited about your quinceañera then you were.

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Disney Channel / Via gifsforgomez.tumblr.com
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12. To this day she still has you fearing El Cucuy.

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13. And she referred to any gaming system as a Nintendo.

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14. There was no way you were leaving the house without finishing your chores.

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15. And she made sure everything was done with Fabuloso.

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16. Somewhere in your kitchen she hung a picture of La Ultima Cena on the wall.

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17. And she always made you save plastic bags so you could put them in a bag with even more plastic bags.

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18. You knew to clear the house whenever she put chile on the comal.

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19. Her oven also doubled as storage space.

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20. You never understood how she flipped tortillas without burning her fingertips.

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21. Her comments on diet were contradictory.


— ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@_welovebrandonm)
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22. She never had the need to buy Tupperware.

THIS #mexicanproblemsnight

— ✌Niggalyssa✌ (@ShesJustANobody)
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23. Her marathon holiday tamaladas led to an all-tamale diet afterward.

Your mother, abuelita, and tias made no less than 2000.

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24. Her home remedy for mal ojo was an egg, a chant, and a glass of water.

My mom just cured me with and egg and took rid of all my haters #MexicanProblems

— Jasmine Romo (@Jasy_romo)
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25. You probably had these velas around the house.

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26. Along with a calendar of La Virgen.

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27. And church on Sunday usually wasn’t a choice.

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28. She never admitted when she was wrong.

#mexicanproblemsnight when my mom realizes I'm right but won't admit it so she just says

— ♡gabrielle meredith♡ (@gabriellem1995)
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And even though she drove you crazy at times,

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You still love her no matter what.

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