31 Things Latinos Who Grew Up In Texas Know To Be True

It’s so much more than just cowboys and brisket.

1. You did most of your grocery shopping at H-E-B.

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And of course Fiesta too.

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2. Nothing complimented barbacoa better than a Big Red.

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3. Wacthing Don Francisco on Sábado Gigante was how you spent a good portion of your Saturday.

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4. Far West in Dallas was prime time area for tribal music and the famous botas picudas.

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5. Easter meant dozens upon dozens of cascarones…

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6. …And at least three showers to get all the confetti out of your hair.

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7. You couldn’t wait every Sunday for Johnny Canales to say “You got it, take it away!”

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8. When Fiesta rolled around you already had your outfit planned out weeks in advance.

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9. Whether it was to visit family, shop, or have some drinks going to “el otro lado” was a regular occurrence.

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10. At least one person in your family was a die hard Cowboys fan.

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And of course someone else was a Los Spurs fanatic.

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11. Pulgas were your go-to places for bargains.

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12. There are copies of Intocable, Ramon Ayala, and Freddie Fender albums somewhere in your parent’s music collection.

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13. And you have an old Chingo Bling CD laying around somewhere as well.

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14. Raspas were your versions of ICEEs.

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15. You will never forget Texas’s own Tejano superstar Selena.

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16. And of course this infamous line from her movie.

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She may be gone but never forgotten.

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17. You always suspected the Ford Lobo was a little bit better than the F-150.

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18. You knew La Michoacana was the best damn meat market in the state.

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19. To you there is no better smell then a mixed fajita skillet.

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20. At some point in your life someone has hired a band to play “Las Mañanitas” outside your mom’s window on Mother’s Day.

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21. You’re excited about the rising political careers of the Castro brothers.

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22. At least one person in your friend group uses güey in every single sentence.

“Que estas haciendo güey?”

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23. Forget the ice cream man. El Paletero was your summertime savior.

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24. Breakfast for you wasn’t pancakes and eggs, but amazing gas station tacos.

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25. Preparadas were one of the many creative ways to incorporate twice the amount of sweetness into your alcohol.

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26. Raul Brindis y Pepito kept you entertained everyday on the way to work or school.

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27. It wasn’t a kid’s birthday party unless it had a customized piñata.

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And the second it broke shit got real.

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28. You knew if you were in trouble you could always call Jim Adler “El Martillo Tejano”.

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29. Whether it was a school field trip or with family, you’ve been to the Alamo at least once.

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30. Football was always your favorite sport, and you started playing at an early age.

I mean, it is Texas after all.

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31. You have mad love for border towns.

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But think the border wall is a bit of an eyesore.

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So while cowboys and ranchers are a part of the Texas mystique…

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Vaqueros and rancheros are a part of the Tejas mystique as well.

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When it comes down to it we all love the Lone Star State.

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