These Male Superheroes Objectified Like Their Female Counterparts Is Absolutely Perfect

Time to give men the objectification special.

1. Last week Marvel released a controversial cover depicting Spider-Woman in an overtly sexual pose.

Milo Manara / Marvel / Via

2. Needless to say a lot people were not pleased with it.

3. Comic Book Resources contributing writer Brett White decided to give male superheroes the same sexist treatment their female counterparts so often encounter. The results were interesting.

Cindy Martin, Arthur Nichols, Tom Smith / Marvel / Via

4. Thor and his mighty hammer on display.

Lou Harrison / Marvel / Via

5. This patriotic beach boy.

Lou Harrison / Marvel / Via

6. The rock hard body of this Iron Man.

Tom Morgan, Tom Smith / Marvel / Via

7. Spider-Man dreaming about getting caught in a web of sexy.

Christopher Hawke / Marvel / Via

8. And this scantily clad beast boy.

Steve Lightle, Tom Smith / Marvel / Via

9. Ooh la la!

Steve Lightle, Tom Smith / Marvel / Via

10. White said of the images that, “Sexiness isn’t inherently a bad thing, it just needs to be an equal thing.”

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