The One Coincidence That Proves "Game Of Thrones" Has The Best Casting Ever

You’ll never look at House Tyrell the same again. Incredible revelation via rafitorres on Reddit.

1. You know Olenna and Margaery Tyrell.

HBO / Via
ID: 3236936

2. The grandmother and granddaughter pair that are plotting to control the Seven Kingdoms.

HBO / Via
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3. The ones who are portrayed by English actresses Diana Rigg and Natalie Dormer.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Anthony Harvey / Getty

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4. Well, whoever cast them certainly deserves a raise.

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5. Because it can’t be denied.

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6. At the same age they actually look like family.

Chris Ware / Hulton Archive

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty

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7. How about them apples?

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